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Tastes are changing. Stay on top of key food trends and what drives them. Available now!

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Food Descriptors 

What sounds good (and not so good) right now? 

Cooking Methods

How to get it on the table


Which diets are trending, which are fading?


What's hot, what's not?

Food Taboos 

What are people avoiding right now?


How tech is changing relationships with food


Where it comes from and what that means


Which cuisines are hot? 


Putting it all together


What features are key?

10 reports for the price of... free

Who Did We Talk To?

We focused on three key markets - USA, Canada, and the UK. Each report provides country-specific detail, regional comparisons, and analysis by generation and gender.

Keep Up With Trends

When does a fad diet stop being a fad? We examined how people think about their diet and food choices and learned what mainstream really means. 

Where We're Headed

People are more connected than ever before and food/beverage is moving fast. Learn how to stay ahead of the curve.

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Nope. You get the full reports for free. Not a teaser and an invitation to buy more. You will have all of the information you need to take your business to the next level.

  • Cooking Methods
  • Packaging
  • Food Descriptors
  • Preparation
  • Diet
  • Regional Cuisine
  • Ingredients
  • Sourcing
  • Food Taboos
  • Technology

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Tastes are changing. Stay on top of key food trends and what drives them. Available now!

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